Matt Gervais

As the Head Coach of INPUT OUTPUT Matt is committed to assisting you in achieving ultimate success in whatever it is you wish to accomplish.

Matt has been running consistently for about 20 years, and competing in triathlon for 15 years. He has also been actively competing in cycling and swimming as stand-alone events as well. Through these many years of training and experience, Matt has worked his way into the top 1%-5% across all three disciplines individually. Over time, he has been able to obtain a wealth of knowledge and learn a great deal about proper training and racing techniques. Through the many setbacks that come with endurance training and racing, Matt has been able to overcome these challenges with minimal frustration and come back to racing stronger and smarter.

Matt is an NCCP Trained coach and has developed his skills over many years of coaching and assisting athletes of all levels in the sports of triathlon and distance running. He has many years of experience coaching Track and Field at the club level. Distance running and triathlon coaching have been done primarily at the community level. Click here for bio’s and testimonials from some of Matt’s current and previous athletes.

Russell Van Every

Russ has been heavily involved in cycling for the passed 12 years.  He has been a very competitive racer both on the mountain bike and road, and is now competing as a cat 2 cyclist on the road.  He has also been competing in Triathlon for the past 6 years racing all distances from the sprint up to the Ironman. In this time, Russ has been a diligent student of the sport, and has racked up a very impressive resume of results at all distances, most recently competing in the World 70.3 Championships in Las Vegas, Nevada.

After many years of educating himself on the proper techniques of training, nutrition and tapering he is competing at a high amateur level and is very motivated to share in his findings and help future athletes compete at their greatest potential in their desired sport. His expertise is long distance triathlon and competitive cycling road, MTB and cyclocross.

Russ is an NCCP trained community coach and has been personally helping/coaching athletes of all abilities with various tips and training advice over the past few years.