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Kim Rocheleau
This past winter I decided that I wanted to improve my results from my past years in the Xterra Duathlon Series that I competed in & to run my first half marathon. To help me reach my performance goals I enlisted Matt Gervais from Input Output Coaching Services. During our initial consultation Matt & I discussed the various events I planned to compete in during the upcoming year & determined my starting baseline. The training sessions he created allowed me to peak for my "A races" & build on my performance from the previous years by improving my running, progressing my cycling & significantly  improving my overall fitness. Matt & I communicated through Training Peaks where he posted my workouts & monitored my progress via the Garmin & Polar stats I uploaded. He is always available & willing to answer any questions through email or a quick phone call. The training sessions he provided are flexible & accommodating with my schedule & the variety is motivating. Matt is an excellent choice of a coach as he is an accomplished athlete & as a result his knowledge also comes from personally experiencing how to compete & excel in racing & living a healthy lifestyle. Matt's enthusiasm for my success made me push my limits to achieve my goals!
          ~ Kim Rocheleau

Mike Grondin

Since I've been training with Input / Output, not only have I lost the 25 pounds of beer belly that had accumulated after my cross country days, I'm also getting back to a level of running that I thought I'd never see again.  Thanks I/O!
          ~ Mike Grondin

Marty Denonville

    I want to thank you and your Input-Output Training services for helping me to meet and exceed my triathlon goals for this year!  As an "experienced" self-coached runner and triathlete, I never felt the need for an outside coach.  However this year having qualified for the Age-Group Aquathlon and Sprint Championships in London, England I wanted to go to the race at my peak.  I contacted you and through our conversations, you put together a plan for me that was challenging, easy to follow and adaptable to my lifestyle.  You listened to me and made changes to the programme where necessary.  The workouts challenged me yet were fun to follow and left me with a feeling of accomplishment.  Along with the programme and your Tuesday night hill/track sessions I could feel myself becoming stronger and more confident in all 3 disciplines.  I certainly went to London feeling at my best thanks to you and Input-Output!
     In London, I feel I had great races!  The best part was how strong I felt in each part of each event!  My swim times and my run times were far better than anything I have done in years (my 5k run time was 1 min. faster than my stand alone 5k race time from earlier this year!).  I felt very strong on my bike, but rode cautiously in the pouring rain on a very technical course.  Nonetheless I did have a very decent bike split.
     My results, 7th/26 in the Aquathlon and 13th/78 in the Sprint Triathlon were better than I had hoped for, but not unexpected given my Input-Output coaching.
Thanks again Matt and Input-Output Coaching!
                    ~Martin Denonville