Paul Dubois - Racing For Recovery 1/2 Iron Distance Tri 2014

Race for Recovery is a 70.3 race put on by HFP, the same group that organizes TTT. It is held around second weekend in June and is located in Oregon Ohio, about 1 hour after you cross the border. Plenty of parking and no extra park fees to enter. Anyone looking to do a PB, this is the race to do it. The swim is a 2 loop in Maumee Bay so it is pretty calm. Only 66 people did the 70.3, so the swim was not congested at all. It is a 3 loop bike course out of the park, I don't even think there is a speed bump on it. Some of it is on freshly paved road, some pretty fast bike splits to be had! The run is a 2 loop run around the bay and through the park, some shady area and again no real hills to speak of. Well supported on the run. Only complaint was no real security in bike transition for those doing the 70.3. I could have walked away with a bike upgrade!!

On a personal note, I took off 11 minutes off my previous best race. My swim was a stellar 39:08 LOL, I biked a 2:36:40 and ran a 1:36:22 which I was real happy with. 3rd fastest run of the day! final time 4:56:02! Broke the 5 hour mark! I might have been able to ride a little faster but it may have affected my run. Overall happy with my results and the venue. Loved being back home 1.5 hours after the race!

When I got on the bike my HR was 3.8 and Matt wanted me to mimic Ironman pace, so i tried to get it down but in the back of my head I wanted to PB so I knew I had to bike around 23 MPH. After the first loop I learned that there were no hills, so I really told myself to maintain my speed. My quads were starting to burn on the last loop but I was going for a 2:35 bike.

Started the run feeling good, and I wasn't too hot so I knew I should be OK. Tried to pace myself for a negative split, fell short. I was running at a ZN 4 HR and was getting worried it was that high. I did however catch a guy who I saw on the first loop running/walking. Set a goal to try and catch him and I did with a mile and a half to go. As far as nutrition I think I nailed it. Went through my 3 bottles of liquids, On the bike I ate cliff bars and chomps and started the run with a gel and had a second at the half way mark. Drank mostly water on the course and a coke at one station. Will have to adjust at Whistler depending on weather.

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